How to Become a Member

Although one may attend services at UUMAN and participate in the life of our community without becoming an official member, we do encourage those for whom UUMAN feels like home to become members. It is not difficult.

Becoming a member involves:

Taking the class we call UU !01, offered two or three times a year for prospective members, usually 4 1/2 hours on a Saturday, 10:00-2:30, covering, at a very high level, Unitarian and Universalist history and theology, the UUMAN community and its history and programs, religious education, ways to get involved, and the rights and obligations of membership,

Making a financial pledge of any amount, and

Signing the Membership Book.

Obligations and Responsibilities of Membership

It is easy to become a member of UUMAN; any person sixteen or older, of any creed, faith, national origin, race, color, gender, or sexual or affectional orientation, who subscribes to the UU Purposes and Principles, commits to uphold UUMAN’s Mission Statement and Relationship Covenant, and participates in the life of the congregation may become a member of UUMAN. In return we ask, simply, for a commitment of one’s time, talent and resources to the growth and development of the UUMAN community.

The Rights and Privileges of Membership

Unitarian Universalist congregations govern themselves through “congregational polity”; each congregation is a self-governing democracy, choosing its own leadership, handling its own finances, and choosing its own delegates to the General Assembly. So becoming a member of UUMAN gives one the right to vote on all matters that come before the Congregation’s membership for a vote and, for those eighteen or older, the right to hold office as trustees of the congregation.