Adult Religious Education – or Exploration – is a piece of what we call Adult Faith Development, which is the life-long process – or journey – of coming to understand more fully our values and principles and living into them, incorporating our chosen religious faith more fully into our lives, becoming Unitarian Universalists in the fullest sense of the name. “Everything we do is faith development, and the congregation is the curriculum,” per Connie Goodbread of the UUA Southern Region staff.

At UUMAN Adult Religious Exploration includes planned opportunities for spiritual growth, intellectual stimulation, the acquisition of new skills, fellowship, and the building of personal connections with other members. We delve into Unitarian and Universalist history and theology, spirituality and spiritual paths, social justice issues, ethics and morality, and life issues, using curricula developed by the UUA, other religious institutions and authors, and by our own members.

UUMAN 2nd Hour Enrichment
Beginning August 16, UUMAN introduced our our “2nd hour MCY and Adult Enrichment” offerings that will run throughout the church year. From 11:15am – 12 Noon all UUMAN members may engage in either Ministry with Children and Youth or Adult Enrichment opportunities.

Autumn 2020 Adult Enrichment Courses

Centered Leadership – Part 1 facilitated by Dave Dunn
The first of four Leadership Development courses. Designed for people considering leadership, beginning to lead or who have leadership experience in contexts other than Unitarian Universalist faith communities. Each session will be delivered online and can be viewed at your convenience. Each Sunday we will reflect/discuss the content of each session. (8 sessions)

Moving From Not Racist to Anti-Racist facilitated by Carla Kapeskas
This course will help those of us who believe we are not racists to become something else: antiracists, who support ideas and policies affirming that “the racial groups are equals in all their apparent differences — that there is nothing right or wrong with any racial group.” For Ibram Kendi, the founding director of the Antiracist Research and Policy Center at American University, there are no nonracists; there are only racists — people who allow racist ideas to proliferate without opposition — and antiracists, those who expose and eradicate such ideas wherever they encounter them. We can and should use our privilege to be agents of change. (5 sessions)

All Souls United facilitated by Rollin Mathis
All Souls United focuses on UU identity. We will explore the great traditions of Unitarianism and Universalism and related movements such as Transcendentalism, which included Margaret Fuller’s challenge to binary sexuality in 1845, Suffragettes such as Susan B. Anthony, Abolitionists such as Frederick Douglass, and opponents of Indigenous Peoples removal such as the famous Unitarian minister Ralph Waldo Emerson. This great tradition reminds us of the high ideals toward which we imperfectly stumble. (Multiple Sessions – Long Term Study)

Poetry Forum facilitated by Sophia Dammann
All are welcome to participate in UUMAN’s monthly poetry discussion. This class will explore poets and their poems in a friendly and relaxed setting, paying particular attention to ways in which the author’s writing reflects principles of Unitarian Universalism. (4 session)

UU101 – Path to Membership
Our next UU101/Path to Membership class is scheduled virtually in two parts. We will meet online Saturday, September 12th, 10:00 –12:00, and then again on Sunday September 20th at 11:15 after service. If you are new to our congregation or to Unitarian Universalism, or are considering becoming a member of UUMAN – or just want a refresher on the basic tenets of our faith, this class is for you. A signup is available online on our homepage, and if you have any questions, please email