Living the Mission

And let me tell you, if you have indeed been renewed in the spirit of your minds, it will [show] it self in your lives. — Charles Chauncy

I came to UUMAN in search of myself.  After my partner of 11 years left me, I was lost and broken-hearted.  I needed to make sense of myself and my life again.  I was in search of answers.

I often joke that I joined UUMAN without really knowing anything about Unitarian Universalism. I liked people. I liked that the services weren’t too solemn.  I liked that there was laughter.  During such a dark time in my life, I looked forward to a laugh or two on Sunday mornings.

After becoming a member, I have made it my business to learn what it meant to be UU. The first thing I learned is that only I could make that determination. My mentor, Kim Palmer, has been very helpful in this area. She suggested a few books that are helping me build a foundation.

Coming to UUMAN on Tuesday evenings for “What Moves Us” has helped reignite the spark that was missing in my life.  Participating in this workshop is teaching me what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist. Learning about and discussing the theology of UU founders like Charles Chauncy helps me understand why my faith has not been static. Joining UUMAN is a natural progression on my spiritual journey.  My spirit and heart recognized this before my mind did.

As my personal theology evolves, I am learning how to be okay with having more questions than answers and still consider myself a person of faith.  Through the workshop “What Moves Us” I am learning more about myself and my spiritual needs.  Sharing my personal experiences and listening to the experiences of others has both enlightened and moved me to a renewed awareness.